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What Makes Us Different Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

Prospecting vs. Marketing:

Marketing happens over time, not overnight. If a real estate broker sends out a postcard about your house for sale, a great portion of the mailers would be trashed before someone even looks at them. Marketing research has shown that it takes on average 7 marketing pieces/activities to make an impression in consumers.

Marketing is passive. Our brain makes judgments in a split second based on a past experience. When you market a property to someone, your property is in a passive position to be “judged” without anyone being there to defend or educate the audience.

Prospecting puts power in our hands by proactively reaching out to the largest number of targeted audience. Based on National Association of Realtors’ statistics, 89% of buyers have a buyer agent since the service is generally free. So when we sell a home, we have to sell it twice. We first sell the property to the agent, and the agent in turn, sells the property to the client. House Expert proactively reach out to targeted agents, neighbors, and cash buyers via phone, email, online channels, and mailers to help you draw interests and create competitions. The more people we reach, the higher the chance we can net you the most money the market can bear.

Selling takes education. The market determines the price range your house will sell for. The selling process determines whether you can capture that highest price. And to capture the highest price, education needs to take place to buyer agents and buyers. It is the ultimate way of bringing forward the best feature and presenting the value to potential buyers. Change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Lack of the action of educating is usually the cause of not hitting targeted price or deals fall through.


Selling takes education. Experience is something we earned overtime – time on task over time. Have you read the book “Talent is Overrated”? It takes 10,000 hours of practice in what we do to be an expert in what we do, and in general, it takes 10 years to hit at least 10,000 hours of practice. House Expert member have diligently practiced real estate for over 21,000 hours within 6 and half years in business. We love what we do and we take our job very seriously. Our experience will save our clients tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes you can’t even put a price tag on it.

We Care: not only that we have the experience to take care of our clients and protect their highest and best interest, we care. People in general, don’t care what we know until they know that we really care! We care about you; we care about the outcome. We pride in leading our clients to a stronger financial destiny and that’s how we earn your business back over and over and over again!


Technology in Marketing: House Expert team members have a background in technology and computer science. We are a team of young professionals who are keen on using the latest technologies to help our clients gain the most from marketing – from lead capture, listing synchronization, to social media marketing. We have systems in place to achieve the best results.

Technology in Prospecting: Using latest technology is the only way that we can efficiently reach out to masses. From multiple line dialers to sophisticated CRM systems, to automated drips, voice broadcasting, video and email broadcasting, we employ them all to help you achieve your financial goal!

Technology in Transaction Management: We understand the importance of contract deadlines, important transaction details, and communications. So we not only use the best technology in managing transactions, we also empower you to have your own portal account so that you can manage your files and activities all in one place. You will also receive daily and weekly activity reports and stay in the know of what’s happening and what have been completed.


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